Schedule recurring work orders for your gym equipment with Zunaso’s Work Order App’s Planned maintenance.

Associate customized schedules to planned work orders in a specified frequency, while maintaining your assets and equipment.

Mini Mobile

Automate and schedule work orders on a recurring basis for valuable assets to increase asset life and productivity.

With the Zunaso Work Order Application, all assets can be serviced on a frequent schedule with the ability to automatically assign technicians and specific dates to the work orders.

The built-in bar-code scanning feature displays immediate updates to Asset upon simply scanning the items. Furthermore, parts management utilities allow users to stay up to date with available parts and their quantities in real-time.

Technicians can update work orders with notes, documents, and attachments in real-time, allowing all stakeholders to receive valuable information through an easily accessible means.


Work Order Management

Work Orders help to streamline your entire maintenance management, in return achieve increased efficiency and accuracy. Ability to specify multiple assets to a single Work Order, when required to service a group of assets. Automated Rules for Work Order Approval, Assignment and Email Notifications.

Asset Management.svg

Asset Management

Effortlessly locate and manage assets by viewing, re-allocating, and de-activating assets that are no longer in use. Maintain key information such as the Tag, Serial Number and Barcode to help identify individual assets.

Inventory Management

Planned Maintenance

Schedule Work Orders at a specified recurrence interval to handle the planned maintenance for the assets in your organization. Preventive, Planned or Proactive maintenance ensures reliability, efficiency and durability of your assets. It reduces the risk of your systems or equipment failing at times of need.


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