Eliminate paper trails, manage your work orders efficiently.

Streamline the process of reactive maintenance and avoid manual interventions for all equipment in the School District.


Implement a maintenance system that is crucial for running School facilities smoothly and minimizing interruptions on a daily basis.

Equipment that are not serviced regularly can result in less productivity, causing downtimes which incidentally interrupt educational workflows. Currently, the district creating work orders for maintaining these assets in the School facilities, is a manual process where both preventive and reactive maintenance of these assets are handled through written in paper, emails or phone calls.

The goal is to eliminate the manual process involved in the Reactive Maintenance Workflow and replace it with Zunaso’s Work Order Management system, that is Mobile-First and intuitive.

Reactive Maintenance

Reactive Maintenance

To initiate Reactive Maintenance for the asset, staff can submit Work Orders with specifying the urgency whenever an unexpected asset failure occurs.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Work Orders help to streamline your entire maintenance management, in return achieve increased efficiency and accuracy. Ability to specify multiple assets to a single Work Order, when required to service a group of assets. Automated Rules for Work Order Approval, Assignment and Email Notifications.

Inventory Management

Built-in Barcode Scanner

Search for assets or parts by simply scanning your items with our easy-to-use bar-code scanning feature. The barcode scanner also helps to instantly update the barcode information in your assets and parts.


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