Amplify your Auto Repair team’s performance with a robust Work Order tracking software

Streamline your Auto repair services with easy to use tracking features, all in one unified platform.

Auto Repair

Effortlessly manage critical information and take control of your workshop’s equipment.

Zunaso work order app streamlines the entire process of tracking, inventory and cost management at the Auto Repair Shop by avoiding all manual interventions.

Automatic notifications at every stage of the process ensure that required action by the supervisor (Service Consultant or Manager) and mechanic take place on a timely manner.

Barcode scanner feature and the parts inventory tracking ensures correctness of resources utilization.

Maintaining the details of parts utilization and time spent (labor) by the mechanic inside the work order ensure effective tracking of cost and resources. Availability of rich notes and attachments in the previous work order for a repair or scheduled maintenance job, helps the technician who is assigned to service the same job in the future.


Built-In Barcode Scanner

Search for assets or parts by simply scanning your items with our easy-to-use bar-code scanning feature. The barcode scanner also helps to instantly update the barcode information in your assets and parts.

Work Order Management

Work Order Management

Work Orders help to streamline your entire maintenance management, in return achieve increased efficiency and accuracy. Ability to specify multiple assets to a single Work Order, when required to service a group of assets. Automated Rules for Work Order Approval, Assignment and Email Notifications.

Inventory Management

Parts & Inventory Management

Manage and track all available parts along with their stock quantity, using Zunaso’s inventory management system, which is maintained automatically based on transactions in the purchase request and work orders.


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