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Work Order Features & Functions

  • Computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) is a software that automates organizational maintenance operations and processes, and enhances workflows.

    There is a rising number of organizations and increasing demand for enhanced maintenance operations. Additionally, an increase in adoption of cloud-based technology is also expected to drive the global use of CMMS software.

  • CMMS offers several benefits such as reduce downtime, increase safety, enhance productivity, maintenance, eliminate paperwork, eliminate lost order, analyze real costs of equipment, manage work orders, compliance with regulatory standards, and reduce repair cost.

  • Zunaso Work Order is a maintenance management system that offers an intuitive, simple, and user-friendly mobile application interface. It allows you to create, prioritize, approve, assign, track, and review all types of work orders. It facilitates both reactive and planned maintenance for the assets in your facilities. The core components like work order management, inventory management, and planned maintenance scheduling allow you to follow the best industry practices.

    Zunaso Work Order allows seamless communication between end-users, end user managers, supervisors, and technicians. It supports outstanding features such as the checklists, kits and classifications that provide a faster and more organized means of preparing work orders with accurate information.

    Zunaso Work Order supports industry-standard reports that can help you measure KPIs, analyze time and costs, measure effectiveness and productivity, and make the right decisions with respect to your resources and budgets.

    With Zunaso Work Order, you can easily streamline your entire maintenance workflow and achieve increased efficiency, productivity and ROI.

  • You have to register on the Zunaso Work Order app before you start using it. There are two plans available - the Professional plan and the Free plan. The Free plan has a limited set of features whereas the feature-loaded Professional plan is highly recommended for organizations who want to streamline their Work Order Management, Maintenance Management (both reactive maintenance and preventive maintenance), Purchase Management, Asset Management, and Inventory Management.

    With the Professional Edition subscription option, you must buy a minimum of 10 licenses. Free version comes with a single sign in user.

    Free Edition:

    1. Download and install Zunaso Work Order App.
    2. Open Zunaso Work Order App.
    3. Tap "Try for Free". The "Try for Free" screen will be displayed.
    4. Enter the required details and complete the sign up.
    5. Sign In to the app using the registered user credentials.

    Professional Edition:

    1. Purchase the Professional Edition Subscription from our Pricing & Packages page.
    2. Enter the required details and complete the purchase.
    3. Download and install Zunaso Work Order App.
    4. Open Zunaso Work Order App.
    5. Sign In to the app using the credentials provided in the subscription email that is received.

  • A work order process is a systematic way in which a new job and its tasks are moved through various operational steps. It begins when a customer calls in with a job and ends once that job has been completed and the customer pays for it. A work order process is a blueprint for business success.

    The flowchart shown below explains the different stages of a work order process:

    Frequently Asked Questions
  • Click here to access Zunaso Work Order Wiki Page.

  • It’s simple! Please visit our Request a Demo page from where you can sign up to watch a short demo. If you still have questions, simply reach out to one of our product specialists at

  • Pricing and Licensing

  • Yes, you can sign up for our Free version by downloading Zunaso Work Order app on the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.

  • You may continue to use the Free version of the Work order app, with limited features. If you would like to upgrade your plan, you can subscribe to the Professional edition.

    Please note that all your data gets stored only on your device in the Free version, and when you switch to the paid subscription, all your data will be wiped out.

  • We currently offer a Free version of the work order app as well as the Professional Version billed Monthly at $50, per license and $40 Annually, per license.

    With the Professional edition, there are two subscription options available.

    The Annual subscription will cost US$ 4800, for 10 licenses, per year, which is US$ 40 per license, per month.

    The Monthly subscription will cost US$ 500, for 10 licenses, per month, which is US$ 50 per license, per month.

  • You can subscribe to the Professional version from our Pricing & Packages page.

  • Pricing for your plan will not increase for the term of your subscription. However, pricing may be subjected to change upon fourteen (14) days notice from us. Such notice may be provided by email or through an in-App notification. Revised prices will be effective from the renewal that follows immediately.

  • Software upgrades are included in your subscriptions at no additional cost.

  • Our Technical support is available between the hours of 8.30 am to 8 pm Eastern Time to our subscribers via phone, email and support portal. Please refer to our Contact Us page.

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